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1. Transform sound into electric signal- The best design in theory:

The design of electret condenser microphones is based on the theorem that we use charging and discharging motion

between electric capacity conductors. When the ultra-thin or gold-plating Mylar diaphragm response to the sound

pressure level, it changes the static electricity between the conductors into electric signal directly. Then we can gain

a proper output of impedance and sensitivity by the electric circuit coupling.

2. The characteristic of reappearing the original sound:

To reappear the original sound is the highest performance for the acoustic specialist to achieve. If we check the basic

design of the microphone, we can find a electret condenser microphone can transform the sound into electric signal

directly, because it is not only manufactured with accurate mechanism technique, but also combine complicated electric

circuit. Therefore, with the excellent characteristic in advance, the electret condenser microphone must be your best choice.

3. Very wild frequency response:

Diaphragm is a main component of a microphone to sense the sound and to transform it into the electric signal.

The material and the mechanical design of the diaphragm decide the acoustics of a microphone. Due to the material

of the diaphragm is very thin and light, and can transform the sound into electric signal directly; the range of the

frequency response can reach to the ultra-low frequency (under 10 Hz), and the high frequency can also gets to

supersonic easily, which shows the characteristic of wild frequency response.


microphone diaphragm
The diaphragm of the dynamic microphone loads a sound coil which is hundreds times heavier than itself. (Left picture)

The diaphragm of the electret condenser microphone works without any load. (Right picture)



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