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W ( Watt ): A watt = a voltage x an ampere. For example, 330 Watt= 110V x 3 A.

V ( Volt ): V is the unit of voltage, when it needs one joule of work to sent one coulomb of electric from one point to another point, then the potential difference between these two points is one voltage. 

Ohm: Ohm is the unit of impedance in electronics, the higher the impedance is, the less electric current can pass through. 

Hz( Hertz): The frequency of the sound waves vibrate every second. For instance, 100Hz means 100 times vibration in one second. 

dB ( Decibel): dB is the unit of the sound pressure level, which is calculated with logarithm, because the susceptibility to the sound of human ears is not linear. 

Fo ( Resonance Frequency): Fo stands for the resonance point of the speaker. The lower the Fo is, the efficiency of the low frequency is better. 

S.P.L. ( Sound Pressure Level): The volume of the sound. 

Vo-p: The measurement from Vo to the peak, to drive the magnetic buzzer, the waveform is 1/2 square wave. 

Vp-p: The measurement from peak to peak, to drive the piezo buzzer. The waveform is square wave.

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