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The position of the microphones should be set far away from the source of noise which comes from the product itself, such as fans, keyboards, speakers, or CD-ROM drives, etc. Besides, the microphones are requested to aim at the user, and should be as close to them as possible.

Microphone position of Notebookmicrophone position of LCD

Considering the space of the mechanism design, there are two methods to install the microphones:

1. The stacking type
When the microphone array is consisted of an omnidirectional microphone and a unidirectional one, the position of the main sound hole should be set in the middle of the two microphones. Then another secondary sound hole is requested to set for the rear vent of the unidirectional microphone to receive sound.

microphone rubber holder

2. The side by side type

The two microphones should be set as close to each other as possible, or use one sound hole. Besides, the rear vent of the unidirectional microphone also needs to keep unobstructed in order to receive the sound.


rubber holder


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