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Soldering manufacture
The diaphragm of the microphone is a very thin mylar membrane, it is easily being contracted and distorted with the high temperature. Therefore, we can only use hand-welded method to process, and the temperature of soldering iron cannot over 330°C, the welding work should be done within 2 seconds, the faster the better.
The best way is arranging the skilled welders to solder one wire/ pin first, and then finish the left one after the microphone cool down, this can avoid the high temperature causing distortion of the diaphragm, the worse sound receiving results or even breaking down.
Otherwise, you can entrust the manufacture to us, our factory has special manufacturing tools to help the microphone cool down. Besides, we will test the sensitivity again after soldering in order to keep the qualification and the reliable quality.
Soldering Tooling

The tooling as microphone heat sink, prevent heat damage.

Assembling manufacturing
The microphone itself need to aim at the sound hole of the mechanism case, and being as close to the surface of the case as possible in order to gain the best receiving results.
Trying to use rubber holder to separate the outside noise, especially the wires type assembling method can do good to fix the microphone on the case of the mechanism.

microphone assembly

When we fabricate the microphone, no matter adding rubber holder or not,

microphone should be pushed to the bottom of the mechanism,

to avoid a chamber forming in front of the sound hole and affecting the sound which microphone receives.


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