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The basic structure of the speaker and the receiver is almost the same; the diaphragm generates the sound by the reaction upon the sound coil and magnet.

The main diversities are as below:
The different usage
 Depend on the size of the speaker; the distance between the speaker and the user’s ears is normally from several dozens of centimeters to several meters. However we always nestle up a receiver against our ears.

The different material of the diaphragm and the sound coil
 In order to bear the higher power, the diaphragm of the speaker is usually thicker than the receiver, the thinnest one is 18u. The larger of the dimension and the power is the heavier the diaphragm will be.
 The receiver takes the lower power, but requests for better low frequency curve; therefore we usually use the diaphragm with the thickness from 6u-12u.
 Besides the diaphragm, the receiver often works with a piece of paper or cloth to adjust the frequency response, which can help to meet all kinds of standards or to match up the resonant box of the mechanism.

The different electronic characteristic
 We often see the speaker with impedance of 4-8ohm, the too high impedance leads to the higher power to drive the speaker, normally is from 0.2W to several dozens of watt.
 Depend on the circuit design, the impedance of the receiver is from 16, 32 to 150ohm. The general power is only from 0.01W to 0.1W.


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